Police Claim 21-Year-Old Man Shot HIMSELF While Handcuffed In The Back of a Police Car

Chavis Carter, 21

Many are searching for answers after 21-year-old Chavis Carter of Southaven, Mississippi was  killed by a gunshot wound to the head in Jonesboro, Arkansas, while handcuffed in the back of a police car.    

The two officers on the scene, Keith Baggett and Ron Marsh, claim that Carter committed suicide while they searched his vehicle after discovering a warrant for his arrest. They did not find a weapon during the search.

According to reports, the two officers handcuffed Carter and went to search his vehicle a second time as and when they heard “a loud thump accompanied by a metallic sound” which according to the officers was Carter shooting himself. When they went to open the door, the officers found Carter still handcuffed and attributed his death to a self-inflicted gunshot. They claim to have missed the weapon during both searches.

Carter’s mother, Teresa, is not believing the police reports. She says her son was not suicidal and was left-handed but was shot in his right temple, and had placed a phone call to his girlfriend telling her he would call her from jail.

The two officers have been placed on administrative leave while an investigation begins.

[The Grio]


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