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Transform Your Living Space With PIXERS

When you’ve been living in one place for years, your surroundings can become a little boring. Some people do full redesign projects while others opt to change paint colors or add new furniture pieces here or there. Personally, I rearrange my bedroom and living room about three times a year just to shake things up.

Whatever your preference is, you can probably agree that transforming your living space gives you a boost of energy that can be beneficial for your mood and creativity. So today I’m sharing a clever way for you to shake up your space fairly quickly and easy.

Give Your Walls Personality

You don’t have to be a professional interior decorator or a Pinterest DIY master to have a beautiful, custom living space. You can let the folks at PIXERS do all the work.

PIXERS is an online shop offering wall murals, canvas prints, posters and prints for all of your interior decorating demands.

Some of my favorites are the self-adhesive wall murals in Abstract Geometric Landscape, Wooden Plank and Brick Wall. These are great if you live in apartment or house that you’re renting or if you can’t make huge renovation changes.

Visit their website to check out all the available selections AND if you subscribe to their newsletter, you’ll receive 30% off your first order. (Thank me later.)

Disclosure: Thank you to PIXERS for sponsoring this post. Visit them online at

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