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(PHOTOS + VIDEO) The Jessica Diaries: I Almost Missed My Event In Miami

*Note: I don’t have many photos or video footage, 1) because I wasn’t in the mood and 2) because pausing to take photos and video can take away from the moment, but I’m gonna try to get through this post with what I have.

I made it back home last week from the first event I’ve ever co-hosted out of state – Brown Sugar: A DIY Natural Beauty Workshop – and I’m just now really getting my energy back and thoughts together about everything that went down. I’ve traveled to Miami before for play, but this was the first time I’d ever visited for work…and I learned a lesson or two about being responsible and putting business first because I almost missed my event. 😱

Before we left, I wasn’t in the best of moods. I have a lot going on personally and work is kicking my butt…but I’m not complaining. It just gets overwhelming at times as and when you have so many projects running simultaneously with minimal to no help.

Needless to say, I was snappy and it carried on throughout the duration of the trip.


I arrived in Miami with Tony and his manager the day before my event (my first mistake) and instead of thinking about the preparation that needed to take place and the rest that would benefit me, I immediately went into turn-up mode.

As bad as I want to, I’m not going to blame Tony for it…even though he really wanted us to go to the beach LOL. I was happy to be away from home and just miles away from one of the most beautiful beaches in the country too. So instead of getting a quick nap in, he fixed me my favorite drink of the moment (Ciroc Apple and cranberry juice) and I put on a swimsuit and went to South Beach.

We ended up staying out all night and getting into bed in the wee hours of the morning. I remember turning my phone on silent (another mistake) assuming that Tony would wake up before me and make sure I got up in enough time to get ready since he was so adamant about me being at the event at least an hour early.

What happens when you assume things?


I woke up to my phone ringing at 12:34 pm (the event was scheduled to begin at 1 pm) and Tony half-asleep/half-awake next to me, totally oblivious of the time. Guess who was calling my phone? The event co-host, Nicky!

Talk about embarrassing…

I had 30 minutes to get dressed AND make it to the event. The kicker? Our hotel was almost 30 minutes away from the venue!

I was a mess! I jumped out of bed and literally threw on the first outfit I could grab from my suitcase while brushing my teeth and frantically trying to gather everything I needed for my portion of the event. Thank God for Tony being there because had he not taken the initiative to drive me to the venue, I wouldn’t have been able to comb my hair or apply any type of makeup on my face. He truly saved the day.

Although Nichole was fine, I was extremely embarrassed at the unprofessionalism I’d shown her because I so desperately wanted to make a great first impression.

She and I connected on Twitter almost three years ago, when I first began blogging. She’s an amazing entrepreneur and I admire the work she does and the vision she has for her brand. Our first time meeting was actually at the event if that gives you any idea of how embarrassing my tardiness was. Thank God she was understanding.

After the event we went to the hotel to freshen up and met up with Nicky and her boyfriend in the Wynwood Arts District. I think Tony would agree that strolling the Art Walk was the highlight of our trip. Not only that, we all had an opportunity to sit and talk to each other and trade business advice. It was everything!

I did manage to compile a vlog for the trip that also includes footage of my visit to Atlanta the following weekend and my friend Michelle’s mobile hookah business launch.

Check it out!

View photos from the weekend below.

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