[PHOTOS] I Installed Crochet Braids Again…But Took Them Out In Two Days


I was having crochet braid withdrawals and I went through the entire process of installing them again…but it was a total and complete waste of time.

I ended up using the hair that I used to install my last set of Marley Twists (yes, I saved it LOL) and I’m not sure how many packs of hair it was, but I’m assuming it was anywhere from 3-4 packs. I called myself using only half of that because I know how Marley hair can swell. My method was still flawed because as and when I finished, there was still entirely too much hair on my head for me! 

















Don’t get me wrong, the styles turned out beautiful but I like my hair to look as natural as possible when I’m wearing extensions of any kind. This was more like I style I would wear for a photoshoot (hmmm…) than one I could wear everyday. The photos above are for the two days I wore my hair styled like this.

Unlike the first time I tried this style, I didn’t shape the hair up as much. So maybe that had something to do with it?? Hopefully I can get it right soon…I’m thinking I’ll try a different type of hair. Please give me your suggestions below!

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