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(PHOTOS) Eyebrow Rehab: Week 5 Update + Tips

I’m five weeks into eyebrow rehab and honestly, it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

I would even go so far as to say that I like my eyebrows more as I’m growing them out than I did as and when I would shape them. I like the natural thickness and bushiness of them and I’m able to take breaks from wearing makeup without looking like a ghost because of thin, barely-there brows.

When I first started this process, it was extremely hard to fill my brows in without them looking unnatural. I tried brown pencils, brown shadows, brown gels and even a blackish colored pencil but it was extremely hard to get them to look right. Now that it’s been over a month without plucking them (the fact that I haven’t is so unreal to me LOL)…well besides my unibrow (yes I have one), I’ve learned some tips and tricks that I’d like to share with you.


Invest in two shades of concealer.

I use my regular concealer thats about a shade a half lighter than my skin and then another thats about two shades lighter than it. I’ve found that combining the two over the stray hairs directly under my arch has helped to keep them tamed, covered and give the appearance of arched brows.

Only fill in the gaps.

Initially I was filling in my entire brow, trying to create a particular shape. Big mistake! As you can see in my week two photo, it made my brows look too thick. Of course the photo is filtered so my brows look darker than they actually were but still, they were too dark. My advice is to only fill in where the gaps are and let your natural shape shine. Only conceal the areas where stray hairs are to make both brows look even.

Here’s a photo from Week 5 that shows the difference.

jessica simien eyebrows week 5

Use eyebrow gel.

Eyebrow gel has been a life saver throughout this process. I can’t really say that my brows have been flying all over the place but the gel still makes a difference. I bought a basic sculpting gel at Sally’s for less than $6 and it works pretty well.


I have 10 weeks left in #eyebrowrehab and I feel a little better about my ability to actually get through this process. Hopefully when I’m done, my brows will really be on an epic level of FLEEK!

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