Perception Is Not Reality

We’ve all heard it before…

“Perception is reality.”

But is it?

There are many ways a person could analyze that quote, but I disagree with it. Perception is not reality…it’s perception.

According to the New Oxford American Dictionary 3rd Edition, perception is “a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.” When we perceive something, we become aware of it by the use of one or more of our senses. Therefore many things can alter what we think about the things that we perceive and we should always keep that in mind before making decisions, judgements or assumptions about anything.

The world has changed a lot, particularly in the amount and type of information we have access to. We are one click away from having a glimpse into the lives of our peers and celebrities and even people we don’t know and/or have never met. As my mom always says – as much as things change, they stay the same. We may have more access to information about other people, but we still are just as ignorant of their real lives as people were back in the days before the Internet, Facebook and Instagram.

I’ll use myself as an example. I’m active online and I share information about myself and my family. Based on what I share people can make assumptions about me – what I’m like, who I’m dating, how much money I make, my self-esteem level and so on. This is their perception of me but it isn’t my reality. The real reality is that I share what I want and so does everyone else… so why do we make judgments about others? Why do we idolize some and tear down others as and when in all honesty, we don’t have a clue?

As we go into this week let’s challenge ourselves to stop judging one another based on what we see. Let’s keep in mind that perception is just perception.

Your turn to talk…

What do you think about perception? Do you agree or disagree with the quote, “perception is reality?”

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