Pattie Mallette Discusses Her New Charity + Reveals What It’s Like Being The Mother Of A Celebrity

Pattie Mallette

Pattie Mallette is a woman who has an intense passion to help those who feel like they’ve struck out of round one of life and are looking to start over with round two. You may be familiar with her through her superstar son, Justin Bieber, but she is much more than a superstar mom.

As a teen mother and someone who suffered from abuse, depression along with day-to-day struggles, Pattie has dedicated her life to giving back and helping people who walk in the same shoes she once did. Mallette has launched her own foundation, Round 2, that was founded to help people get a fresh start at life.

“I love the idea of being able to help people who were like me. The idea of Round 2 is that after you’ve been knocked down from round one of live, there is round two.  We’re here for those who have struggles with addiction, cutting or feeling alone or maybe someone just needs some financial help,” she says.

Check out our brief interview with Pattie below where she gives us a little snippet of her story and she dishes on being the mother of an A-list celebrity.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: I’m familiar with your memoir, Nowhere But Up. It gave me a really good picture of who you are as a person and that you’re very passionate about reaching out to others just like you said. What was it like going through some of those things and coming out on top? How does that make you feel as you look back on some of those moments in your life?
PM: Well, just being able to put it all on paper and write the book was really cathartic for me. I went through a lot of bad wordual abuse growing up, years of it, and I had abandonment issues from my dad leaving and my biological dad used to physically beat my mom and suicide attempts as a teenager and finding myself pregnant and alone as a teenager as well.

So I write about all that stuff to let other people know that if they’ve been through similar circumstances, that if I can get through it, they can too. And it’s really about my healing journey and about my tenacity and not giving up and how I still fight for my healing every day.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: A little about being a superstar mom and being on tour with Justin…What is it like being the mom but also having a role in his career? Do you ever find yourself wanting to let your mom instincts kick in and having to take a step back as and when he wants his privacy? How do you balance it all out?
PM: You know, I’m always a mom first and I raised him…I changed his diapers, right? If anybody knows who he is, I do. As our children grow, our world changes as parents. With him being 19, almost 20, he’s an aduItchild so that looks different than it did when he was a teenager…when he was a toddler. As an aduItchild, you have to let them make some of their own decisions. And I just have to hope that we have a great enough relationship that I’m still a voice in his ear.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: And what is it like for you to be in the spotlight as well? You have tons and tons of Twitter followers…I saw that you call them your two million children. What is it like for you to live in that spotlight?
PM: It’s really amazing. I’ve been sharing my story since before Justin started his career so being able to use even his platform and have almost three million Twitter followers now that call you mom. It’s an amazing feeling to use this platform for good and to share my story and say hey, I can relate. I’ve been where you are, you don’t have to stay there.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: That’s awesome Pattie. Can you give us any details on when Round 2 will actually launch?
PM: Right now we’re figuring out our first campaign so hopefully in the New Year we’ll have that campaign ready.


When Mallette isn’t busy with her foundation, she’s on the road with Justin all year. She recently spent almost two months straight traveling with him while he was on tour and you can watch her in his upcoming film, Believe, that will be released in theaters on Christmas Day.

To keep up with Mallette and for news on the official launch of her foundation, Round 2, follow her on Twitter @PattieMallette and visit her online at www.PattieMallette.com.

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