Pastor Under Fire After Tweeting Advice For Wives To Keep Their Husbands From Looking At “Hoes”


Social media is very tricky. It can be very useful but it can also be harmful to you if used without care, especially Twitter. A North Carolina pastor is the latest public figure to learn this lesson.

Andy Thompson, founder of the World Overcomers Christian Church, is under fire after tweeting a message to wives if they want to keep their husbands from straying away.


I’m a little confused by the tweet. Mostly because he used the term “hoes” to refer to women and then I’m not exactly clear on what he means by “shine it up.” I know what I’m thinking he means, but he can’t be that careless, right? Either way, the statement in my opinion is very inappropriate.

Brown has since deleted the tweet, but offered a response to the criticism on YouTube that was later deleted.

Source: Clutch

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