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It’s time for a JessicaSimien.com open discussion!

For those of us faithful viewers of Love and Hip Hop NY, we’ve recently seen Peter Gunz’ love triangle with his longtime girlfriend, Tara, and his artist, Amina, slowly unfold.

If you haven’t been watching, here’s the scoop: Peter has two children with Tara and the couple has endured Peter’s infidelity in the past. Tara forgave him for the incident, but made it clear that she wouldn’t take him back if he cheated again. Unbeknownst to Tara, Peter married his artist, Amina, but he told her to be discreet about their marriage. Pause. He is doing the absolute most…on national television!

Now Peter did admit that the show is fake. In an interview, he revealed that he decided to expose his ain’t shit ways because of the paycheck, since he was going to get “busted anyway.” (Details here.)


Although Peter’s love triangle may be a little far-fetched for some, there are people that can actually relate to this drama.

People get hurt all the time by cheating. A person can say what they want as far as arguing for the legitimacy of why he/she cheated, but in the end, there really is no justification for it. If there is an issue, wouldn’t you want your significant other to tell YOU about it instead of resorting to cheating? After cheating, the pain and problems are still there. Therefore, nothing is solved, yet the person jeopardized a relationship that took time (among other things) to build for one night (or many nights) of passion. In Peter’s case, I can only imagine how his love triangle will turn out.
So, as and when is enough really enough?

In the words of Keri Hilson, every woman (or man) has a breaking point. Knowing when it is time to let the relationship go comes from reaching that breaking point. The thing is, everyone has different breaking points. What breaks you may not break the next person. Some people will stay with a cheater for months, even years! And some people will even take that cheater back, which brings us to our open discussion topic:

Would you take back a cheater?

Several people believe that once a person becomes a cheater, they’ll always be a cheater. Do you agree? Or can a person change? Let us know in the comment section and take our poll below!

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