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OPEN DISCUSSION: Would You Allow Your Church Members To Play Matchmaker For You?

Last night (03/26/2015) I watched the season premiere of Game Show Network’s It Takes A Church, and it was…interesting. Not bad, but interesting.

The show visits a congregation to surprise an unsuspecting single with a matchmaking session put together by some of the members of the church. The congregants stand with their choice for the unsuspecting single and tell him/her all the reasons why they should be chosen as a match. One woman made sure to tell the girl featured on last night’s episode, “He can pay all your bills, honey.”

The concept of the show is nice (the couple who selected the winning match will have a donation presented to the church in their name) but I have a few thoughts:

1. Why are we exploiting the church? I know that sounds extreme but Game Show Network really is exploiting the church, in a sense, for ratings and advertisers. I suppose the donation to the church makes it a little better but I don’t know…the beginning and end of the show takes place in the actual church and I’m not quite sold on the idea of a game show being filmed inside my church’s sanctuary.

2. Do you really need your love life but on front street in the church? Let’s be real you guys, church folk are messy! LOL (but so serious) I go to church to receive the Word of God, serve God with my talents and abilities and fellowship with other Christians. I don’t go to church to get hooked up or share what goes on in my love life. I would feel uber uncomfortable with being center stage while members of the congregation stand up with men they think would be great companions for me.

Last night’s show was OK, I’m not sure if I’ll watch again but I’d love to hear what you thought of it if you caught the episode.

Let’s Chat! – Did you watch the show? If so, what did you think of it? Would you allow your church members to set you up on a date?

Image/Video: GSN

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