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A Facebook friend of mine posted a status about cheating in relationships. In her status, she said that she considered texting as a form of cheating. Most people who commented agreed with her and it made me think…

Is there a universal definition of cheating?

Are there levels to cheating?

Can being too specific and technical about what cheating is/isn’t cause other problems?

I don’t believe that there’s a universal definition of cheating. Maybe an idea, but not a definition. It’s impossible for cheating to mean the same to everyone because all relationships are different. As far as the idea of cheating I think that generally, cheating means to do something that your partner does not approve of. This of course will be different from partner to partner.


For me, cheating can be defined as emotional and/or physical. If I had to choose which one was the worst, it would solely depend on my partner, the person they cheated with and the situation. The times that I have cheated have always been emotional and in one case, it led to physical cheating (meeting up, holding hands, kissing). I began to develop feelings for the other person and it complicated my relationship further. I was already in a bad situation, but involving someone else emotionally made it even harder to figure my way out.

As far as the specifics like texting, I don’t really consider that cheating. It’s 2014 and I’m sure that someone of the opposite bad word texts you every now and then, right? So that’s fine with me – as long as the conversation is appropriate. bad wordting, sending pictures, texting late at night or every single day would be where I’d have a problem and have to draw the line.

Some people even think that you can cheat virtually with someone you interact with online through social media or dating sites, or where ever people go to cheat online.

The bottom line is that in the very beginning of your relationship, you and your significant other should define and establish what cheating would look like in your relationship. Let it be known from the jump what you will and will not tolerate and you have to respect your partner’s opinion, even if it wouldn’t be considered cheating to you.

So, what do you think cheating is? Have you ever cheated? Let us know in the comment section.


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