Open Discussion: Do You Always Have To Choose Sides?

In last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi found herself in a sticky situation with the other ladies.

Long story short, Kandi had not chosen a side in the Phaedra and Apollo drama and the ladies felt like she wasn’t being the best friend she could be to Phaedra because she wasn’t “supporting” her as and when the allegations of her affair became public to the entire group. So we have a question:

When it comes to friendships, do you always have to choose a side?

In most cases, people in relationships and marriages hang with other people in relationships and marriages. As a result, you all become friends. The ladies hang with each other and share advice and talk about problems within their relationships and the men do the same. But what happens when cheating comes into play and your friends are now not as happy as they were when you met them? Do you remain loyal to the woman (you know, girl code) and now have tension with the man? Or do you stay out of it and risk friendships on both ends?

Personally, I’m a fan of picking one side of the fence to be on in most situations but this one is a little tricky.

If I were Kandi, I’d probably do the exact same thing that she’s doing. I wouldn’t choose a side because wrong is wrong and if Phaedra was cheating, then she’s in the wrong. To answer the discussion question, you don’t have to always pick a side. Sometimes it’s better to stay completely out of it.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in our comments section below!

Image: Bravo TV

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