Open Discussion :: Are We Being Too Hard On Evelyn Lozada?

Last week, I saw this image floating around on Facebook and Instagram and it made me think about the whole Evelyn and Chad fiasco. Are we being a little too hard on Evelyn?   

I’m not #teamEvelyn nor can I be considered a fan of hers at all, but I feel that maybe society is overlooking the fact that she was a victim of abuse regardless of what her public image may be. The overall consensus on her being this victim is almost happiness in a “she got what was coming to her” kind of feeling.

While I believe karma definitely showed up, I’m in no way happy that this happened to her and I think she deserves a moment to reflect on this situation, analyze her own actions and come to terms with reality.

I’m curious as to why some say she can’t speak out on domestic violence. Has she not yet learned her lesson? Who are we to judge?

What do you think about the responses toward Evelyn? 

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