There’s NOTHING WRONG With Making New Year Resolutions + Check Mine Out

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Sometimes social media can be the ugliest, most judgmental and critical, vibe killin’ place ever. Lately I’ve seen an abundance of posts about people telling other people not to make new year resolutions for this reason or that reason and I’m sick of it.

First off, the new year represents a fresh start. Of course every day is technically a new start but you cannot deny the feeling that the new year brings. No matter what I’m going through each year, I always feel recharged and amped up to make more greatness happen. I can be a bit of a super planner, but I love for my start dates and end dates to make sense (starting a new habit, task or project in the middle of the week, year, day or whatever just makes me feel weird). What better way to have a great year than to start on January 1st?

Secondly, as and when you criticize someone for wanting to declare change in their lifestyle you are spreading negativity and discouraging them (whether you want to believe it or not). You have to be careful what you say because you never know who your words may hurt or harm. I love to encourage and I love to be encouraged. It’s good for your soul either way.

Don’t be afraid to make resolutions! Don’t be afraid to call them what you wanna call them either.

Now… Since we’ve established that there is absolutely nothing wrong with making New Year Resolutions, I’d like to share mine with you! I always keep my NYR to a maximum of three…you know, to keep it realistic for me.

1. Practice having no expectations. This is number one on my list. I used to think that if I didn’t have any expectations, I would become this pessimistic person that I never want to be. I was wrong. I can still have standards, but I want to learn to not put the expectations I have for myself onto someone else. That’s not fair to them or me and let’s just be real here…much of the anger, frustration and irritation we experience in life is because of an expectation someone failed to meet. (Read one of my favorite articles about expectations here).

2. Continue growing in my faith. 2013 was a year of spiritual growth for me like I’ve never experienced before. I learned to rely on God, pray every single time I felt lost or needed direction, walk in faith and the list goes on. It feels good and I can see how a stronger faith and relationship with God has strengthened me and added new meaning to my life.

3. Be more generous. I want to give in 2014. Not just money, but encouraging words, smiles and whatever else I can to help someone. I want to keep spreading positive vibes without drawing attention to myself. I want to lift other people up and focus on adding to someone rather than taking away from them.

So, what are yours? Share them with me…pretty please?! :)


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