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New Protective Style: Crochet Braids + Pros & Cons Of This Style

Yes, my hair is actually in braids!

When I tell you that I did NOT want to reveal this secret, I’m not lying! My hair looks so natural that several people have complimented me on my “growth” and I’ve been forced to tell the truth (I’m not a very good liar, I’m sure my awkward laugh and wide-toothed grin would’ve given it away anyways LOL).  Besides that, I didn’t want everyone to jock my style (petty I know LOL)!

I’ve been going through my protective-style phase where all I want to do is focus on retaining my length and getting back all those inches I lost from the damage I was doing to my hair. And honestly, I just love switching my look up. Life is too short to wear the same hairstyle all your life! I did my best to capture the process of achieving this look in steps with photos because there are just way too many YouTube natural hair vloggers for me to add myself in the mix.

I used a total of 3 packs of marley braiding hair and then maybe two or three pieces from a fourth pack. I used three different brands of the hair and they are all shown below.

photo 1 (4)

photo 2 (5)

photo 3 (4)

Out of all three brands, I like the Femi (first pic) brand the most. It’s the brand I’ve always used and it has been the easiest to manage. I know exactly where each brand is in my head, crazy right? I like the U-n-1 the least. All three brands knot up so I don’t think there’s any getting around that. All three brands were $5.99 per pack.

First, I started with my hair braided straight to the back. (Note: I didn’t braid my hair myself) I had my sister to do Y-shaped braids in the front so that as and when I parted my hair I wouldn’t have a huge gap.


Then I began the install using a bobby pin. Not the kind that closes but the open ones. It was the easiest process ever.




I had my sister shape the hair up for me and cut a few inches off because I didn’t want it to be very long and I wanted it to look as natural as possible. Cutting the pieces in half would’ve been too short so by shaping it instead, I got the exact length I wanted. Here are a few photos of the finished product. The photos of me in green and orange are before I got the hair shaped up and the photos of me in blue are after the shape up.

photo 2 (3)




I styled my friend’s hair for her and I used the same exact method, except I cut the hair in half. We used about a pack and a half.

photo 4 (5)

Now for the pros and cons of this style so far (I’ve only had it in for 3 days).

– Inexpensive
– Quick (the entire style took about an hour and a half)
– Time saver when getting ready in the morning
– Hair is installed piece by piece so you can still care for your hair vs. being installed track by track with a sew-in

– Hair knots up easily
– Because of how I installed it, I haven’t been able to pull it up. (I will fix this by adding more hair in the front)
– Hair sheds a little, which is kind of to be expected

I haven’t tried to curl it with perm rods and water or anything yet, but I will soon. There are so many YouTube tutorials for this type of protective style, you should be able to install with ease. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section. :)


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