Need A Laugh? Watch These Funny YouTube Prank Videos


YouTube is the best website to browse as and when you have some free time or need a laugh. We know Jessica loves to watch YouTube videos of people singing cover versions of popular songs, but we also found out that she loves watching prank videos too!

We decided to get on the old ‘Tube and find some of the best prank videos it had to offer. Check out what we found below!

Break – Couch Airbag Explosion Prank (This is Jessica’s personal favorite…check out how happy the guy was and then the position his body went in. HILARIOUS!)

Machine Gun Wake Up Prank

JackValeFilms’ The Farting Old Man

EdBassMaster’s Zombie Drive Thru Prank

DormtainmentTV – F**king with Chaz Pt. 3

PrankvsPrank – Zombie Pizza Prank

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