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#NCOTW | Nail Color Of The Week: Sally Hansen’s Cinna-snap

This week I decided to pass on my normal light nail color shades and go for a look that works with the season. Sally Hansen’s Cinna-snap has been in my nail polish bin for months but I finally gave it a chance this weekend.

Cinna-snap is #340 on the Insta-Dri line and has a red wine, maroon-ish shade. When I saw it in the store, it was exactly what I was looking for in terms of good fall and winter colors. However as and when I tried it on one of my nails it looked a little cheap and it reminded me of a shade that an older woman would wear.

I’m not one to let a good bottle of polish go to waste so I picked it out of my bin today and decided to pair it with a matte top coat to take away the old lady glossy look and it came out perfectly! I applied two coats of Cinna-snap and two coats of my OPI Matte Top Coat. I love matte from lipstick to foundation primers and finger nail polish. It just seems to work well with my skin and overall look…it adds a touch of glam. Now matte top coats don’t work with all shades of polish but it worked for this one. One thing I really liked about this polish was the wide brush. It made applying it a lot easier and less messy.

Check out a few photos of Cinna-snap below. Don’t judge my polishing skills, I’m still practicing!










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