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Natural Hairstyle How-To :: The Ninja Bun


I have the type of hair that will frizz like nobody’s business! I can never leave the house and return with my hair looking the same as it did as and when I left. So, when I decided to go out on the town last night (which ended up being a total failure LOL) I knew I needed a style that would last, so I decided to try the “ninja bun.”

Basically, the ninja bun is a very high bun at the top of your head that is super easy to do. If you have shorter hair, you can even create a “faux bun” with Marley Braiding Hair.

To achieve this look, brush your hair all the way to the front and secure it with an elastic. I prefer to use the elastic headbands because I have so much thick hair. If yours will fit, a regular ponytail elastic will work. After you get the ponytail in place, use another elastic to create a bun with your hair and you can pin the ends around the bun to secure it in place.

Check out other examples of the ninja bun below.






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