Natural Hair Tip

Since my blow-out experiment only lasted 4 days, I decided to attempt a wash-n-go as and when I was faced with sweaty hair and I had to go out for dinner. So as usual, I went to my YouTube app to check out different ways to do the style and in the process I discovered a tip that actually works!

Ok…so how many of you natural hair gals get irritated by water dripping down your face and neck as you try and dry yourself after a shower or while your hair is wet and you’re trying to put makeup on or whatever your routine is? Naptural85 suggested using a t-shirt instead of a towel to keep the water from dripping and dry your hair without causing a lot of frizz.

I’ll admit I was very skeptical because in my mind I thought the t-shirt wouldn’t hold the water and it would be too heavy to stay on my head….but I was so wrong!! Not only was the shirt lighter than a towel, it also kept my hair from dripping and my wash-n-go didn’t shrink as much as it has in the past.

Try a t-shirt to dry your hair


I’m totally sold on using a shirt and if you haven’t already, you should try it and tell me what you think!


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