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Natural Hair: Protective Style Using Marley Braid Hair


Yes, my hair is actually in braids!

When I tell you that I did NOT want to reveal this secret, I’m not lying! My hair looks so natural that several people have complimented me on my “growth” and I’ve been forced to tell the truth (I’m not a very good liar, I’m sure my awkward laugh and wide-toothed grin would’ve given it away anyways LOL).  Besides that, I didn’t want everyone to jock my style (petty I know LOL)!

I’ve going through my protective-style phase where all I want to do is focus on retaining my length and getting back all those inches I lost from the damage I was doing to my hair. And honestly, I just love switching my look up. Life is too short to wear the same hairstyle all your life! I did my best to capture the process of achieving this look in steps with photos because there are just way too many YouTube natural hair vloggers for me to add myself in the mix.

Click here to be redirected to my personal blog, The Jessica Diaries, for details, photos and the pros and cons of this style. Cl

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