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Natural Hair :: How I Got My Ombre’ Look


Guess who has a new look for 2013?

If you haven’t noticed from my videos and Instagram photos, I decided to start the new year and new chapter in my life off with a new look – ombre’ hair!

I used bleach (even though I was terrified) because it was the only way my hair would lighten. After doing some research and seeing that other naturals had used it with no problems, I figured I could take a chance on it myself. Daana actually did the bleaching for me because I had no experience with it and I knew that I would have probably left it in too long.

Below are photos of the supplies we used.

Salon Care 30 Volume Clear Developer

Salon Care 30 Volume Clear Developer

photo 2

Clairol Professional Bleaching Powder (BW 2)

Gloves & Applicator Brush

Gloves & Applicator Brush

Mixing Bowl

Mixing Bowl

Foil strips

Butterfly clips to section the hair

Butterfly clips to section the hair

We simply followed the directions on the bleaching powder container and applied the bleach to the bottom parts of my hair. In the front, we took the bleach a little higher so that my hair could have a nice, even look.

We left it on for about 15 minutes then rinsed and deep conditioned my hair. I don’t use shampoo so we didn’t use any this time either. That is my personal preference because shampoo dries out the hair, but you don’t have to do what I did.

I loved the results! (Excuse the bleach on my shirt LOL)


photo 4 (1)


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