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We all know that there is no shortage of relationship advice on the Internet, but I’m noticing a growing trend as and when the topic of discussion is marriage. Most of the advice is geared toward how women can become “wife material”.

I don’t mind getting pointers from a credible source every now and then, but the problem I have is that the abundance of these types of articles suggests that women are the only ones who need fixing or “sprucing up”…because we apparently have to be chosen. Now I don’t know about you other women out there, but I’m not just going to accept a marriage proposal from just anyone. There are certain qualities that I would like for my future husband to possess.

Check out some of those qualities below.

I’m a very spiritual woman and it’s only right that my husband be spiritual as well. There are lots of men that are just existing and not living the lives that they were meant to live. I think neglecting spirit and not having a religious belief or faith is the root of a lot of problems in the world, but that’s another post for another day.

I love an ambitious man. He doesn’t have to be an entrepreneur (that would be ideal for me though) but he should desire and strive to accomplish things. He should want to work hard and achieve greatness in his life.

My husband will know how to bounce back from trying times or situations. He won’t let them get the best of him. Every day in our marriage won’t be easy, but he will fight for us and our love and together we will get through whatever comes our way.

I want my spouse to support me in everything positive that I do, whether it’s involving my career, the betterment of our family and lives or if I decide I want to save the world. He should be my right-hand man because I’ll always show him that type of support.

Educated / Intelligent
I want my husband to be educated. Now just because I have a master’s degree doesn’t mean he has to have one, but if he is educated then he can make smart, rational decisions that will keep our family from dealing with a lot of unnecessary problems such as debt, legal issues or anything like that. He will use his intelligence to run our household.

See…men, not all of us women ask for much!

Ladies, let me know what makes a man husband material for you in the comment section below.

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