Moving Out of State…Yea or Nay?

I’ve had this internal debate going on in my mind for almost two or three years now.

I can’t seem to make a definite decision about moving away from good ole’ Mississippi.

One day I’m ready and the next I’m wondering if it will be worth the money, energy and homesick moments.

Let me explain…

Before I went to college I was mentally prepared to move away – as far as I needed to – to reach my goals. I’ve always been this overly ambitious person. Once I get an idea and a plan, I can’t be stopped. That’s just how I am.

Well, things sort of changed right as I started preparing to move into the dorm. I started attending JSU and got what I would describe as “settled” into Mississippi life. I still had my ambitions and was working toward them, I just…I don’t know…got more comfortable with the idea of Mississippi being my only home.

I was also afriad of being alone. I didn’t want to leave my family (who I had grown even more attached to since leaving home and living on campus), my boyfriend and the good friends I made. The thought of being in another state and something happened to them – or me – was just too much of a risk.

Then things changed AGAIN.

As I finished my master’s degree program I was revisited by my thoughts about moving away, especially since life is so different. I have a PR business, I have friends all over the country, I’m not married (or engaged to be), I don’t have any children and I’m not afraid of being alone like I was before.

Moving away from Jackson to Hattiesburg was like a baby step for me to eventually move out of state and get rid of those fears I had. That was part of the reason I chose to live here. But at the same time, I felt like I could still be successful in Mississippi, raise a family and be content.

But I won’t. Be content that is.

I’ve come to realize that my career in PR will always be limited by living here. Because Mississippi isn’t a major media market, I will be limited in what I can do for my clients, which further limits what type of business I can have. I’m trying to work smarter, not harder.

Parts of Mississippi are growing but the growth rate is entirely too slow. It’s like running in place as and when you get tired of extending your legs. You know how you start off at a great pace, but get slower and take shorter strides? That’s how growth in Mississippi is. Not to mention the nightlife and entertainment scene is extra wack…but I applaud those who are trying to make it better.

I almost feel like to be successful I have to leave and then come back. I always want to come back and give back to my community and the two universities that gave me my education, but leaving is something I’m almost convinced I need to do. If only for a year or two.

So, I’ve narrowed my new home search down to three states – Texas, Georgia and Florida. I chose these areas because of the growth in jobs and in general AND because I could have a wonderful, flourishing public relations business in either of those areas as well.

Wish me luck! Of course God has the last say so, so if He decides now isn’t the time for me to move, I’ll just accept that…but in the mean time, I’m getting my game plan together.

Did you move away from home for a better chance at success? How did it work out?


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