Morenike’ Dishes On Upcoming Book “Taste Of Insanity” And Shares What It Feels Like To Be Supported By Her Peers


I recently got the opportunity to chat with author Nija Morenike’ Matory about her upcoming book, “Taste of Insanity.” The book is about three young women who meet at an institution for women and children after suffering from tragic life events. The women create bonds with one another as well as the staff while finding out what “crazy tastes like.”

During our interview, Morenike’ talks about her inspiration for the book and having the support of family and friends. Check it out below.

JS: How are you doing? I can imagine that working on the release of your first book can be overwhelming at times! What is your typical day like these days?

NM: I’m great. And you’re right, the days leading up to your “pub day” is so hectic! From sun up to sun down, I’m focused on work, school, and something my publisher needs to me to do. It’s like I’m working three full time jobs and as tiring as it is, it’s what makes me happy. It’s fulfilling.

JS: How did you come up with the concept for “Taste of Insanity?”

NM: The concept for this book must have come from God because sometimes I seriously don’t know where I get this stuff. I’ve been toying around with the story for a couple of years but the glue didn’t come to me until last summer.

JS: I know what you mean, sometimes as and when you’re given bursts of inspiration you have to just run with it. So who is your favorite character in the book?

NM: Moon is definitely my favorite character. She reminds me of myself and members of family and some friends. She is uncensored, 100%.

JS: How long did it take you to write the entire book?

NM: It took me about two and half months to write this book because I work full time and have night class.

JS: Since we follow each other on Twitter, I’ve noticed how supportive everyone has been toward you and this milestone in your career. How has that made you feel?

NM: Everyone has been so supportive! It’s a beautiful thing; especially being in Jackson where the consensus to some is that we don’t support one another. I can say I truly have a strong support system and have for a while now. When people see you working toward your goals and dreams, they get behind that, people who care are genuinely ready to go that extra mile for you but only if they see you’re doing what it takes to get to where you want to be.


“Taste of Insanity” is available for pre-order on Amazon (click here) and lffpublishing.com. E-readers will be able to purchase the book after April 1. Morenike’ is holding a book signing and release party at the Koinonia Coffee House in Jackson, Miss. from 3-5 p.m. on April 13.

Follow her on Twitter @XatedMorenike and be sure to like her Facebook page at Facebook.com/AuthorMorenike.


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