Whit Wisdom: Money Can’t Buy Love

Girl Opening Christmas Present

Ever wonder why your kids will beg for the most expensive gifts and toys and a couple months after Christmas their desire for it diminishes, only to have you thinking, “I spent all this money on my kid and they played with that toy or gadget a few months or days and threw it down?” Or even more…They get all kinds of goodies for Christmas and the next week they’re in the store begging for something else.

We would say the children are spoiled or ungrateful, but who’s creating the little monsters? Who’s sending the message of working like a dog to afford material things, instead of working for a stable livelihood without sacrificing quality time or serving others?

My personal prayer is that we realize the priceless things in life are the most valuable. Intangible things like love, respect, service, character, and giving are things that last. It all reminds me of one of Maya Angelou’s famous quotes:

“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Fellas, that diamond bracelet from Jared’s is a VERY nice touch, but it won’t erase her memory of you not being there for the countless dinners she prepared, and ended up having to eat alone.

The new X-Box 1 will definitely put a smile on your son’s face. But he’s still gonna remember how he felt as and when he looked up in the stands on awards day and no one was there to support him!

Money can’t buy back quality time that has been lost or missed opportunities to show you care in an intangible way.

Let me save you guys some money during this holiday season. No matter how many gifts you have under the tree or how many stockings you stuff, if there is a lack of love and personal attention anywhere in the equation then it’s all a waste.

Reevaluate your attempts to PURCHASE affection and love and start showing it by giving more of yourself instead of giving more gifts.

Material things can be replaced… family and loved ones cannot.

Keep pressing and give love on Christmas Day!

Photo: Ariel Skelley/CORBIS

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