MIXTAPE MONDAY :: Tito Lopez “Y.O.U.”

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“Tryna Get On”
“What About Me”
“Diamonds & Whips”
“The Horns”

Music is a crazy experience. It seizes emotion and embodies it so, that the feelings are able to translate from the soul to wax. It takes eloquent individuals to portray contrary seasons and paint imagery to perfection. J. Cole did it with the Warm Up, Drake did it with So Far Gone, and recently GPT’s own (Gulfport, MS), Tito Lopez, blesses us with Y.O.U.

Y.O.U. is a self-tape that takes us through the life of Tito as it is.

I’m officially naming Tito “The Sip’s Most Slept On.” As he expresses in “Black Dude Spanish Name,”

“Is it my fault y’all n***as slept on a prince, by the time you woke up he was king, ain’t looked back since.”

Tito’s rise is portrayed through interludes of voicemail recordings of friends and family. Realizing that he is now on, there is still hunger felt in his voice and through his lyrics, often referring to his battle with mediocrity and the rise of his nationwide lyrical conquest. Beats stay cool throughout portraying bluesy, jazzy feelings where Big K.R.I.T meets The Roots while bringing to the table mad substance that is not often portrayed through Mississippi rap artistry.

This tape might be slept on by the average musical ear. It’s not your average hype tape full of club bangers or your thug motivation tape. IT IS, a real tape of the ““The Sip’s Most Slept On.” Follow the journey of a lyricist that is still on the come up to gain the respect he deserves.


Machine Gun Kelly “Black Flag”
Asher Roth “The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2”
Tony Yayo “Godfather of The Ghetto”

NEXT UP FOR MIXTAPE MONDAY: Joey Bada$$ “Summer Knights”



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