MIXTAPE MONDAY :: August Alsina ‘The Product 2’ Hosted By DJ Drama


“I Luv This Shit”
“Get This Money”
“Shoot or Die”

This week’s mixtape feature goes to New Orleans native, August Alsina. After hearing all the buzz surrounding his new banger, “I Luv This Shit” featuring Trinidad James, as and when it blazed the air waves on MTV Jams a couple of weeks ago, I decided to take a listen to this brother.

Before I listened to the tape, I was puzzled as to why DJ Drama would collab with an unknown R&B artist. But I as soon as I put on my Beats and sat back, I soon realized that I wasn’t just listening to your average R&B singer.

August takes us to Downtown New Orleans, narrating his life as a young hustler through money, women and grief from the streets. Rawness is the perfect adjective to describe the heat and emotion put into The Product 2.  It’s clear that the struggle and strife he depicts gives him the fuel that sets him apart from his predecessors.

“Just take it all in”, DJ Drama says in my favorite track, “Inhale” on the latter part of the mixtape. (It seems they saved the best for last.) Take in the rugged mindset that gives this R&B artist his stripes – something that is rare and sometimes forced. Take in the wide vocal range that puts him close to the top of his class.  Take in a rare hood R&B artist that just might go main stream. Finally, take in the genuine artistry that is felt through each and every track.

As you throw on your shades and ride out to this banger, don’t skip a track.  Please believe that you don’t want to miss one lyric. Max out and feel the heat that August Alsina and DJ Drama intended you to. Download/listen to The Product 2 below.


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