Missouri Governor Declares State Of Emergency, Allows National Guard To Become Active In Ferguson

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a State of Emergency Monday ahead of a grand jury decision in the case of Mike Brown’s shooting death. The executive order allows the National Guard to become active in Ferguson if they are needed.

The results of the grand jury trial in the case of Brown’s death are expected any day and in the event that Officer Darren Wilson is not indicted, protests are expected not only in Ferguson but throughout the State of Missouri and the country. The Ferguson National Response Network has protests planned for the day of and the day after the jury’s decision is announced. The order is valid for thirty days.

In addition to the order according to Guardian reporter Jon Swaine, Gov. Nixon released the following statement:

Officer Wilson has not been seen publicly since August 9th after being put on paid administrative leave.

Source: Newsweek | Photo: Missouri News Horizon

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