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5 Reasons Why You Should Attend The 2017 Mississippi Natural Hair Expo

Thank you to the Mississippi Natural Hair Expo for sponsoring this post. You can purchase tickets to the 2017 expo, presented by CURLS, being held on Saturday, April 29, 2017 here.

When you embark on a natural hair journey, be prepared for it to be one with many twists and turns. From finding the right products to learning all the slang associated with natural hair, you will literally feel like you’re being schooled.

I’ve been natural since April 2011 and I still find myself learning new things about my hair. I’ve tried so many different styles, I’ve experimented with color and I’ve even cut it several times. I’ve also attended more (and hosted my own) natural hair related events than I can count and that’s where the real learning takes place.

The 2017 Mississippi Natural Hair Expo will take place on Saturday, April 29 at the Thad Cochran Center, located on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi, from 10 AM – 5 PM.

This year’s expo is being presented by CURLS and will feature workshops, demonstrations, vendors and more. If you’re still on the fence about attending, here are five reasons you should go on and purchase your ticket so you don’t have to hear about all the great stuff you missed!

5 – The Vendor Experience

You’ll have an opportunity to shop with your favorite vendors as well as vendors you may have seen on Instagram but have never had the opportunity to meet or speak with them. For a list of this year’s vendors, click here.

4 – Live Demonstrations

It’s one thing to watch tutorials on YouTube to learn how to style your hair but it’s another experience to actually watch someone teach you styles in person. If you struggle with finding the right styles for your hair, popping into one of the live demonstrations will be beneficial and fun for you.

3 – Networking Opportunities

Attending a natural hair event is similar to a family or class reunion. You’ll get to see familiar faces and chat about the latest products to try or the next event to attend. Not only that, these events are perfect for networking if you’re a blogger or business owner.

2 – More Events Will Follow

If you’d like to see more events of this nature in the area, it’s important to support the ones that already exist. There was a lot of planning, strategizing, networking and more to put an event of this magnitude on in our area and the best way to keep it going is to come out and enjoy yourself!

1 – Because I Said So *smile*

I would never recommend anything that I wouldn’t try myself. I had the pleasure of participating in the expo last year and it was a huge success. It was nice to meet other Mississippi naturals and learn about new brands that are based right here at home.

To purchase tickets for the event, click here. You can also keep up with them on Instagram @msnaturalhairexpo.

*Photos courtesy of Jus Differ Photography

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