Meet The Trainer: Robbie Ann Darby of RAD Experience


Meet Robbie Ann Darby, one of our personal trainers for the JessicaSimien.com 2014 Get Fit! Challenge. Representing New York, this California girl is not only a personal trainer, but she is a freelance blogger for Hello Beautiful and fitness instructor. Her company, RAD Experience, is an extremely fun and motivational brand that is dedicated to helping individuals reach their fitness goals.

She offers three different experiences:

The Personal Experience: One on one training with Robbie that includes a program designed specifically for your needs.

The Group Experience: Robbie will design a group fitness party for you and friends that will help you motivate one another and shape up together.

The Online Experience: Don’t live in New York but still want to work with Robbie? Schedule virtual training sessions via Skype. (I think this is so cool!)

In addition to having the coolest Instagram ever, Robbie has a blog that provides health and nutritional tips, resources and workout ideas for those days and nights that you feel uninspired. Be sure to connect with her online at www.RADExperience.com and on Instagram @RADexperience and Twitter @RADexperience.


To sign up for our Get Fit! Challenge, email info@jessicasimien.com with your name and city. We’ll send you the official rules and guidelines and match you up with one of our awesome trainers!


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