Meet Our Spring 2014 Interns

Our Spring internship session begins today and we’d like to kick it off by introducing our newest additions to the JessicaSimien.com family. I’ve told this story a million times, but I started the internship program because I will never forget how hard it was being a Mississippi girl trying to find an opportunity to learn about entertainment and the media and how it all worked together. In college, I didn’t have the money to move to another state for an unpaid opportunity to learn and it sucked! It forced me to create my own freelance job opportunities and teach myself the things I wanted to know.

I vowed that as and when I officially started a business, I would make sure I provided some opportunities for students like me and I did just that. This is our third group of interns and I’m looking forward to working with them, teaching them, learning from them and sharing their greatness with our audience. Meet the team below.

Samantha Curry - HeadshotSamantha Curry
Twitter: N/A
Instagram: @_theelectriclady
Bio: Samantha Curry is a 21-year-old full-time student from Jackson, Tennessee. She is a senior at the University of Memphis, majoring in Public Relations. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, blogging, shopping and watching reality television. She is avidly involved in community service at her school and is a member of the University of Memphis’ Student Government Association. She also considers herself a major food junkie and loves to try new restaurants.


Jade Williams - HeadshotJade Williams
Twitter: @_hellooGorgeous
Instagram: @__helloogorgeous
Bio: I am Jade Williams, a native of Jackson, Mississippi. I’m a senior Speech Communications major at Jackson State University. I’m no rookie when it comes to working with Miss Jessica Simien and her brand! My interests consist of broadcasting and public relations. Last year Jessica awarded me “Most Likely To Take Over JessicaSimien.com” so, remember my face and mark my words because I’m looking to become the new face and voice of entertainment news and television!


Elissa McCool - HeadshotElissa McCool
Twitter: @_foreverELISSA
Instagram: @_cheekss
Bio: Hello everyone! I am Elissa Ann McCool, a freshman Mass Communications major at Jackson State University. I currently serve as the Vice-President for the freshman class and I am a member of the MADDRAMA performance troupe SCENE 77. I’m from a very small town in the Delta, but I have big city dreams. I have dreams of becoming a successful Public Relations Specialist and I plan to have my own image consulting company. My motto is “Small Girl, Power of a Giant.” I believe I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to and I am very excited to put in my best work for JessicaSimien.com!


Daydriana Rankin - HeadshotDaydriana Rankin
Twitter: @_fancymuffin
Instagram: @_dirtydozen
Bio: Hello World! My name is Daydriana “Day” Rankin. I am a Junior Public Relations Major/Non Profit Studies Minor at the University of Southern Mississippi. I have a fun and bubbly spirit, which I plan to bring to the team of interns! I’m looking forward to this experience overall. More than anything, I am extremely excited about actually diving into some hands on work in Media. In the future, I plan to work in media and event planning.


Kachelle Pratcher - HeadshotKachelle Pratcher
Twitter: @kachell_chante
Instagram: @kachell_chante
Bio: I am Kachelle S. Pratcher, a senior mass communication major attending Jackson State University from Chicago, Illinois with a concentration in multimedia journalism. I’ve always had a passion for everything media related and to excel in this broad field. My hopes are to become fluent in on-air news reporting and one day work in the field of Public Relations. Currently I’m the JSU Windows 8 campus rep, SGA-Special Interest Council senator, Miss RHA, staff writer for the Blue and White Flash newspaper, member of MADDRAMA Performance Troupe, and student ambassador for the JSU Women’s Council of Philanthropy.


Karla Griffith - HeadshotKarla Griffith
Twitter: @kw_griff
Instagram: @kw_griff
Bio: Hi, My name is Karla Griffith. I prefer the name Karlie. I am passionate about all things media related! I am a bundle of busyness. I am outspoken, determined, health freak and a true optimist. If you ever need help looking on the brighter side of things, I’m your girl.


Alis DeJohn - Headshot

Alis DeJohn
Twitter: @thereal_lis08
Instagram: @thereal_lis
Bio: Alis M. DeJohn is native of Madison, Mississippi. She is currently a Junior at the University of Southern Mississippi where she studies both Public Relations and Spanish. DeJohn is actively involved on campus in many capacities, including Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. This is DeJohn’s second time interning with JessicaSimien.com. Her personal philosophy reads “One must have a passion for what he or she does in order to be successful. Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith, and conquer the seemingly impossible.”


Rickey Wright - HeadshotRickey Wright
Twitter: @RickeyWrightII
Instagram: @RickeyWrightII
Bio: My name is Rickey A. Wright II. I am a Photographer/ Videographer working out of Houston, Texas. I am a former student of Jackson State University and I am continuing my education now, after an extended hiatus pursuing a career in Mass Communications. I look forward to contributing pleasing visuals to the site, as well as video commentary on Video Games and Technology.


Bianca Tatum - HeadshotBianca Tatum
Twitter: @adorablea_1908
Instagram: @adorablea_1908
Bio: Bianca Tatum is from Jackson, Mississippi and attends Mississippi State University as a junior studying Marketing. She is set to graduate in December 2015, and she also hopes to complete a minor in Public Relations. When Bianca walks into a room, she demands attention. But her heart for people always causes her to share it. Bianca is a student programming enthusiast who loves all things pink and green. She enjoys work on women’s issues both global and domestic. Bianca is a walking ball of joy and she always has an optimistic outlook on life.

Kayla Hampton - HeadshotKayla Hampton
Twitter: N/A
Instagram: @ohkayhamp
Bio: My name is Kayla Hampton, also known to many as KayHamp! I’m that girl with the big dreams, the big hair and the big heart! I’m a senior at Jackson State University, studying in the field of sociology and mass communications. My focus is PR and event planning. I’m fascinated with media and I’m always aiming to be the first with the latest news. I’m no gossip girl but I do enjoy serving people with popular entertainment news and events!

Patricia Braboy - HeadshotPatricia Braboy
Twitter: @bigbabyluvs2011
Instagram: @patty1042002
Bio: Patricia is a 23-year-old Chicago, Illinois native. She’s a senior Healthcare Administration major at Jackson State University and a member of  the W.E.B. Du Bois Honors College. Patricia is also the mother of twin boys and a self diagnosed makeup and coupon addict.


Anthony Henderson - HeadshotAnthony Henderson
Twitter: @AnthonyJHend
Instagram: @Anthonyjh23
Bio: Anthony J. Henderson is from Jackson, Mississippi and is a recent graduate from The University of Southern Mississippi, where he majored in Public Relations. He is passionate about helping the community and wants to work as an event planner in the future.



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