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This website is catered to millennial women who don’t fit into just one box. We’re crafty, we love playing in makeup, we’re activists and we are committed to following our dreams. Some of us do it while maintaining roles as girlfriends, wives and mothers. My corner of the web is a go-to stop for millennial women to interact with their digital BFF (me, of course!).

My audience is 79% female and 36% of my readers are between the ages of 25-34. They are News Junkies (entertainment and celebrity news), Movie and TV Lovers, Shopaholics, Music Lovers (pop, rap and hip-hop), Beauty Mavens and Social Media Enthusiasts. They enjoy reading content about Employment, Dating, Travel, Beauty Products and Women’s Apparel. (Google Analytics)

My 2017 media kit includes:

  • Social Media Reach
  • Website Analytics
  • Partnership Opportunities
  • Past Partnerships and Collaborations

It is available upon request by emailing

*Note: I am currently available for brand ambassadorships, sponsored posts/videos, event hosting and advertising.

Media Features

Bragging Rights

  • Celebrated as an “Innovator & Entrepreneur” for NC Beauty and Brains during their “Month of Great Thanks” in November 2014
  • Nominated for “Journalist of the Year” by the 2015 Jackson Hip Hop Awards
  • Mississippi Fashion Week Best Fashion Blogger 2016
  • Jackson State University School of Mass Communication and Journalism Notable Alumni, Homecoming 2016

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