Mean Girls – The Black Version

Ever wonder how the movie Mean Girls would’ve been different if the cast was Black? Michelle and I were talking last night about how Black girls struggle with making, keeping and being a friend.

Tempestt and I talked about this last night too, but she didn’t feel that it was something that only occured in the Black community. Nevertheless, the fact that it was brought up by two different people in less than 24 hours made me want to explore the whole debate even more.

I’ve had several “friends” in my life. Some I considered true friends, some were always associates but the term friend just seemed easier to use and some were just…around.

It’s ironic that I’ve had so many females in and out of my life, yet I never had what I considered to be a true best friend until recently. There are several things that have caused that, with the main reason being attitudes and egos.

My question is – why is it so hard for Black women to play nice and support one another and be loyal? Why do we let petty things ruin great relationships? Females who play both sides are the worst, but I’m not EVEN about to go there.

I didn’t understand it before, but there is a saying that talks about how you will find that you have very few friends in life…I know that to be true as I’ve grown up and I am thankful for the wonderful friends I do have and I love them so much! :-)



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