Meagan Good & Hubby Devon Franklin To Release Book About How They Were Able To Survive Without Sex Before Marriage

I’ve often wondered if I could be celibate until I got married. I think I could if my boyfriend turned fiance’ was supportive and wanted to do it as well. Turns out, that’s exactly how Meagan Good was able to get through it.

The “Think Like A Man” actress appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her upcoming movie, “Think Like A Man Too” and her new book “The Wait.” During the interview, Meagan explained why they decided to wait to have bad word until they were married. Their total wait time was a year.

“I think because I had been in a couple of relationships and I was like, ‘You know, this isn’t really working for me.’ I wanted to do something different, spiritually it’s what I believed I should have always done.”

She goes on to tell how she and Devon met and whose idea it was to be celibate.

“Both of ours! He actually had been celibate for almost 11 years because he’s a minister so he didn’t want to get up in the pulpit and do his thing and not be doing what he was saying.”

She then tells what readers can expect from the book if they’re trying to follow in their footsteps.

“We all know that it’s tough. There were tricks that we learned that actually helped.”

One of the tricks was knowing as and when to say goodnight.

“One of them was parting ways. You know, if you feel like it’s getting too hot and heavy then you just have to go.”

I’ll admit that I was very skeptical of their story, but I’ve since had a change of heart. I admire them and I’m sure it made their relationship much more special. I would be bubbling with excitement and anticipation on my wedding night and in my heart I feel that that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

I think I’m going to check their book out, it should be released some time this year.


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