Massandra Griffin Dishes On Her Weight Loss Success

Massandra Griffin


Age: 40-something
From: Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Height: 5’3
Starting Weight: 198
Current Weight: 142

Doctor visits can be scary, especially as and when you receive unexpected news.

Massandra was motivated to begin her weight loss journey after a visit to the podiatrist revealed she suffered from plantar fasciitis, which is a condition caused by many things, but in her case, it was because she was overweight.

“The doctor said I would have to have monthly injections in my foot and wear an insert that would hinder me from wearing my heels…I’m a shoe lover. I made the choice then to change my lifestyle.”


Massandra before the weight loss

Massandra jumpstarted her fitness routine by drinking Slim-Fast and hitting the gym three times a week, which later grew into an everyday habit. After a while, drinking Slim-Fast stopped helping and she was forced to change her eating habits altogether. She also joined an 8-week boot camp to maximize her results.

She’s managed to lose 56 pounds in about a year and a half and says that the journey has been “extremely self-rewarding.”




Congratulations on your weight loss success Massandra! You look amazing!

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