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‘Married At First Sight’ Season 2, Episode 8 Review

Married at First Sight is still the only reality television show I’m watching right now and I’m back with a review of the latest episode! (See my review of last week’s episode here.)

This episode marked a turning point for all the couples and things aren’t looking too good for at least two of the three. Let’s get to it.



Sean and Davina

I started season two as a fan of this couple, but Davina turned me off in last week’s episode. I must say that she was a little better this week, but it’s probably because Sean bent and made the effort to please her. I think they’ll last longer than they probably should simply because Sean is so determined to make it work but Davina has to be more considerate. You can tell that she’s used to being in control and getting her way.



Ryan and Jaclyn

Ryan and Jaclyn are still my favorite couple! Watching their turnaround has truly been beautiful because we’re getting an inside view of the process of falling in love. I really like that Jaclyn has the ability to check herself and acknowledge as and when she needs to change. The grocery store scene was uncomfortable to watch because I could tell that Ryan was getting irritated and Jaclyn was just going too far.

It’s really obvious that she’s fallen for him and my fear is that he’s going to pull back and cause her to become guarded then they’ll have to start all the way over. I’m starting to believe that he may not really be ready for marriage because he just goes on and on about missing his family. I get it – I really do – but men “leave to cleave” and he needs to man up. He’s almost 30!

Sidenote: Shout out to Mama Jaclyn for looking so good to have a grown daughter!


Ryan and Jessica

*deep sigh*

I don’t have much hope for them. Ryan is a certified bad word and poor Jessica doesn’t even know how to deal with him. My issue with Ryan is that he can’t handle the fire that he creates. He always walks away whenever Jessica gets ready to respond and I hate that! They remind me a lot of Vaughn and Monet from Season 1 and I noticed that they had bad word on their wedding night like Vaughn and Monet too. Makes you think that waiting to sleep together may prevent you from fighting early in your relationship.

The laundromat scene was really sad and I know the tension in their apartment can be cut with a knife. I think they have the potential to be a well balanced couple but Ryan is guarded and uninterested and their communication sucks.

I’m looking forward to next week’s episode to see how things play out with Ryan and Jaclyn. What were your thoughts about this week’s episode?

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