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‘Married At First Sight’ Season 2, Episode 7 Review

I watched my first episode of Married at First Sight over the weekend and after enjoying it more than I expected, I binge-watched all the available episodes for season two and started on season one as well. I really hate to start doing episode reviews because I don’t watch TV on a regular basis but I can’t resist with this show. I absolutely love it! It’s my new favorite reality TV show hands down.

If you’ve never seen it before, it’s a social experiment where singles who have tried everything to find love agree to legally marry a stranger the very first time they meet.

Ryan R. & Jaclyn


These two have become my favorite couple! They remind me a lot of Doug and Jamie from season one, especially because Jaclyn wasn’t attracted to Ryan at the wedding. It speaks volumes about how the heart can change the mind.

In this episode the couples spent New Year’s Eve together and it’s so cute how these two have just become so smitten with one another. I think Ryan is a true gentleman and it will be interesting to see if their conversation about having children creates a rift between them.


Sean & Davina


I really liked these two together (they seemed so promising as a couple at their wedding) but I think Davina’s true colors have come out now that the honeymoon is over and the marriage is starting to get real. She seems to be very selfish and she didn’t consider the huge step Sean made in moving to Manhattan with her. She complained about his lack of affection the day he moved to the city (like, really?) without even thanking him for making the move in the first place. She was just so focused on how she told the experts that relocating was a deal breaker for her. Like, girl.

These two are going to analyze their relationship to death and I don’t think they’re going to last.


Ryan D. & Jessica


Ryan is fine as hell but Lord knows he’s a jerk. The way he speaks to Jessica and his “jokes” are really inappropriate and harsh. I do think he has a soft side but he doesn’t seem romantic at all and Jessica seems to be the exact opposite. They haven’t really done a good job of communicating and getting to know one another.

Also, I don’t think Jessica was really ready for this experiment because she seems that she has a lot of unresolved issues from past relationships. I get that she may be a sensitive person but she dwells on the past a lot.

Did you watch? Tell me what you thought about the episode!

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