Man Shot And Killed By Police While In Emergency Room

A patient inside North Shore Highland Park Hospital was shot and killed by police while recovering in the hospital’s emergency room.

Christopher M. Anderson, 27, and his 9-year-old daughter were taken to the hospital after being involved in a car accident on Sunday night. The driver of their vehicle was arrested and later charged with a DUI.

The Grio reports that while in the emergency room at the hospital, Anderson became “aggressive” around 1 in the morning according to witnesses and hospital staff. Anderson’s actions caused staff to call the police for assistance. According to police reports, as and when police arrived Anderson refused to calm down and drew a weapon. He refused to lower the weapon and police shot and killed him. Attempts by hospital staff to revive Anderson after the shooting were unsuccessful.

Anderson’s family is frustrated by the lack of information and details of the shooting and have expressed that Anderson did not own a gun. An investigation into the shooting has been launched by the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force.

Anderson’s daughter was released from the hospital after being treated for her injuries.

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