Man Plans A Surprise Wedding For His Girlfriend From Her Pinterest Boards (VIDEO)


“I knew I wanted to marry Amanda Roman the second I met her.” – Ryan Leak

Typically as and when someone surprises another person it’s with a gift, a gesture or maybe even a party; but Ryan Leak surprised his girlfriend with a wedding!

Ryan says that he was never the guy who was eager to get married. He had plans to travel the world, do business and just “live his life” until his brother, an Atlanta worship pastor, told him that he’d found his wife. According to Ryan, the first moment he laid eyes on Amanda he said to himself, “That is Mrs. Leak.”

One day he overheard his girlfriend telling someone that her dream was to get engaged and married on the same day. He said that he knew he wanted to propose in an extravagant way but never thought about proposing with a wedding but he made it happen by browsing her Pinterest boards and putting all the pieces together.

The video of Ryan discussing the obstacles he had to face and why he wanted to do it is super cute and romantic, check it out below.

SOURCE: The Frisky

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