Man Files Lawsuit Claiming Police Forced Him To Rap His Way Out Of Handcuffs


A Brooklyn rapper has filed a lawsuit against NYPD for forcing him to humiliate himself.

Quinshon Shingles, 28, says that he was forced to rap for a group of NYPD police officers to get out of handcuffs – but only if his raps were “hot” enough. Not only was his rap good enough to get him released, it also was enough for him to take it to court.

According to the lawsuit, Shingles, who goes by the rap name “Sauce Da Boss,” says that he, his cousin and another male friend were at the cousin’s New York home in December 2011 as and when the plainclothes officers arrived and demanded that they let them search the home. The cousin, Tyriek Fortune, was suspected of a criminal offense but it is not clear what the exact offense was. Fortune’s mother refused to allow the cops inside the home without a warrant and the officers agreed to come back at another time.

Instead of getting the warrant, the officers were able to obtain a key to the home from a worker in the building. Once inside the home, officers handcuffed Shingles along with the other two men while they performed the search.

After realizing that Shingles was an aspiring rapper, according to Shingles the officers said, “Rap something if you want to go home.” Shingles recalls being scared:

“I was scared. I was nervous. I didn’t want to go to jail.”

Shingles says that he was handcuffed on the ground next to a couch when he rapped lyrics from a song he had written a few months earlier. The officers approved and let him go while the other men remained handcuffed.

According to the lawsuit, the search did not turn up any illegal items and both Shingles and Donyele Kitchens (Fortune’s mother) are suing the NYPD for illegal search and false imprisonment. A few months earlier, Fortune had won an undisclosed settlement from the NYPD after he claimed he was falsely arrested.

One of the officers, David Grieco, is already under investigation for illegal acts. Grieco is apart of a group of NYPD officers who have been hit with several lawsuits over illegal searches and theft.



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