Lupe Fiasco’s Verbal War With D.L. Hughley And CNN’s Roland Martin

Hip-Hop artist Lupe Fiasco got into a war of words with comedian D.L. Hughley yesterday as and when Hughley responded to Lupe’s comments on not voting. “He’s bright as hell, but dumb in the ways of the world,” Hughley told Hot 93.7/Hartford.

He also went on to say “You can’t go through life and not be a participant, and hope things work out for your benefit. When you vote or not vote, you are saying yes or no.”

Lupe responded passionately defending himself and his view while also dropping a bit of knowledge:

“When you ready to drop that bread for these babies out here @RealDlHughley holla at me… till then #LeeMeAlone”

“Obama need swing states and white people not radical rappers kissing his a** to win this election..,”If y’all stop bringing it to me I won’t answer and y’all can be happy with y’all way of thinking and I can be happy with mine. #LeeMeAlone”

“I vote for Grace Lee Boggs….put her on the ballot and i’d finance the campaign my d*mn self @realdlhughley do u even know who she is???

He went on to say:

“Better yet @RealDLHughley you put up 50k and I’ll put up 50k and let’s flesh out some programs for rural & inner city youths our d*mn selves.”

Then last night Lupe went HAM, going on a twitter rant for the ages:

Just lettin you “Lupe Dumb Cuz He Don’t Vote” crowd know that if y’all don’t #LeeMeAlone my ni–as #YallGoneGetThisWork. Yo @rolandsmartin obama ain’t gone lose cuz of me and my raps dawg…Now I’m begging you bruh bruh. Sick of u uppity black ni–as hiding behind your political correctness…MLK JR would be ashamed of yall…we still dying in these streets.. Wasting away in these prisons and trapped in mental slavery and all you ni–as can come up with is VOTE your way out?!?

Ni–a what about the 4 yrs in between? DL hughley righteous @ss still ain’t hollered about dropping that bread…u ni–as is the worse. I got slave blood in these veins ni–a this system you want us to participate in at 1point until very recently didn’t recognize my humanity. Let me heal from the wounds of 400 years of institutionalized agony and destruction first…then maybe I’ll think about voting… For a system and a government that kills and steals all over the f-cking world with impunity and heartlessness for sake of what??? Not even in the name of GOD, in the name of corporate profit!! i aint voting 4 dat sh-t. U can unfollow if u want but #YallGoneGetThisWork

Using hip-hop’s new popular catch phrase ‘ya’ll gone get this work’, Lupe continued to solidify his place as hip-hop’s most polarizing artist. Armed with a Malcolm X mentality and intellegence of MLK Jr. (although MLK Jr. would have probably put that in a little more eloquent tone) Lupe stands behind everything he says and doesn’t back down to anyone.

He even went so far as to call D.L. Hughley and Roland Martin uppity n*ggas. He makes excellent points and through it all still stresses positivity and change. Thats why he’s one of my favorite MCs in the game by far.

School them Lupe! Tell ’em what it is!

I’m still voting on November 6th though.



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