Loyalty At Its Best :: Dog Stays By Master’s Grave For 6 Years

I was really touched by this story this morning, especially because I own a dog and I LOVE animals. A special friend of mine always says that I love animals more than humans, but that’s debatable!   

An Argentinian dog by the name of Capitan disappeared from his small town home in the center of Argentina following the death of his owner, Miguel Guzman, in March 2006.

No one in Guzman’s family noticed that Capitan was missing until they visited Miguel’s grave at a local cemetery. Miguel’s son began shouting that he saw the dog and the dog ran to them barking as if he were crying according to Guzman’s widow.

The cemetery’s director says that Capitan has a special sense for Miguel and followed a schedule over the years. When the dog first began visiting the cemetery, he did a couple of laps before finding Guzman’s grave on his own. The director also says that everyday at 6 p.m. Capitan lies in front of Miguel’s grave.

Capitan is a mutt with some parts German Shepard and has proved to be a very, very loyal companion. I wonder if my little Kingston would do the same?

Me & Kingston


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