Lovin’ On A Budget :: 10 Creative, Budget-Friendly Date Ideas (Thank Me Later)

Let’s face it. The holidays are near, times are hard and some weeks your money looks a little funny. But those things shouldn’t stop you from being able to go on dates and bond with that special (or soon-to-be special) someone.

I like to do things that I’ve never done before or the person I’m with has never done before, so I’m constantly looking for new ideas for dates and alone time. Thoughtful dates also mean a lot more to me than a guy spending a load of money.

Check out this list of ideas and share your own in the comment section!

ONE – Go stargazing: This is actually on my 100 In a Year list! This idea works best on a warm or semi-warm night (I think Mississippi has a few more left). Make sure you have a blanket, snacks and maybe even a small telescope.

TWO – Watch live entertainment: Check out a local band or act in your town for the night instead of going to a movie. In between sets, you all can talk and get to know each other better.

THREE – Pamper each other: Instead of spending a ton of cash at a fancy spa, set up your own at home. Run a bubble bath, light candles and give each other massages.

FOUR – Go to a shooting range: Own a gun? Visit the local shooting range and test your skills. After each round, compare your targets and the loser buys the next round of bullets.

FIVE – Test drive your favorite cars: Head to the local dealership and take turns test driving their most expensive cars or your favorite cars. I did this once. I went to the Range Rover dealership and test drove the newest Range Rover…it was SO MUCH FUN! I would love to do this with a guy.

SIX – Have movie night at home: This can get a little routine, but to spice it up a little, prepare your dinner for the night together. You all can make homemade pizza or some other quick and easy recipe to enjoy as you watch your $1 Redbox rental or a movie from Netflix.

SEVEN – Play 20 questions: Whether or not you’ve been together for years or you all are just really beginning to get to know one another, there is always more to learn! Each of you can come up with twenty questions to ask the other person – make sure they’re open ended so that you can actually have a conversation – and fire away!

EIGHT – Create art together: Head to your local craft store and pick up some painting supplies and paint portraits of each other. Or, you could visit a local “Painting With a Twist” and take an art class together.

NINE – Have an indoor picnic: Pick a spot in your place (or their’s) and lay out a blanket and food. The best part is that you all are in the comfort of a building, no ants in your food and you all are free to kiss, cuddle or whatever without people watching you.

TEN – Give each other a tour: If you all are from different places, give each other a tour of your childhood homes or neighborhood. Take a camera with you to snap photos of you two as adults at some of your favorite places as children.




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