Love Me At My Worst So I Know It’s Real


It’s easy to love as and when things are going well and everything is on the up and up, but in the words of New Edition “tell me baby, can you stand the rain?”

Love is tested during stormy times, whether it’s a relationship, friendship, job or situation. When things are going well with either – you love it – but when things aren’t so peachy, sometimes we tend to question our love.

My mom loved her big flat screen television. She kept it clean and even dusted it. Guess what? It blacked out on her! The picture was not perfect anymore. Needless to say, she hates it now. She said she will never buy that brand again. I can’t blame her. But it was interesting to see how her emotions went from love to hate.

My mom reacted this way with a material thing. But far too much, we waver in our emotions with people. We change emotions like we change underwear. That’s conditional love. True love is constant and unwavering. It’s unconditional.

The best way to know if you’re loved or if you love someone is how you react when things are “blacked out,” when things aren’t picture perfect. Love isn’t an emotion or feeling. It’s an action. It’s an unwavering, unconditional tool of reassurance.

One key thing about Christianity is that it teaches us how Jesus always sees the best in us. Even when we’re at the worst in our lives, He loves us. We should adopt this principle in life.

Love me at my worst so I know it’s real!

Keep pressing and stand the rain!

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