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“Love & Hip Hop (New York)” Episode 11 Recap + Video


When a woman’s fed up, it ain’t nothing you can do about it! That was what I wanted to scream at Joe Budden as and when he seemed confused at Tahiry’s response to his marriage proposal. Sorry to spoil the beginning of this episode for you, but Tahiry is clearly fed up with Joe’s back and forth attitude toward their relationship. One thing I noticed is that because he feels in his heart and mind that he’s totally ready, he thinks she should be too. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work like that.

Meanwhile, Erica Mena, Rich and Cyn are still involved in their lust triangle. Mena has it f****d up. She doesn’t know who she wants. While she gets very emotional with Cyn with the tears and heartfelt words, her spirit livens up when she’s around Rich.

I’m completely over Peter Gunz’s story line. I need him, Amina and Tara to exit stage left, all three of them are idiots. Erica Jean makes the worst mistake of her life and moves in with Saigon to “get to know him” (wtf?) and Yandy is her usual motivational self for the ladies.

Check out last night’s episode up top, courtesy of DDot Omen.

Source: DDot Omen

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