Love & Hip Hop ATL Reunion, Did You Enjoy It?

Man oh man did the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show give me a ton of post ideas…and I plan to touch on every single one of them. But for now, let’s chat a little about the reunion itself. The highs, lows, surprises and more.

I could have broken this post down into two different parts, but that would just make it a headache to read, so pardon the length!

Joseline was definitely the breakout star of this series and during the reunion she really owned it. Whether she owned it in a good or bad way is debatable, but she had the spotlight on her. Her hair and makeup was gorgeous and I’ve grown to sort of like Joseline. Her perception of reality, vocabulary and diction may be a little off, but she keeps it honest and you have to respect that.

I do think she’s putting on a little about why she’s really with Stevie. I definitely think she has strong feelings for him that go beyond his wealth and connections.

Stevie J was rather quiet in my opinion and seemed to have difficulty answering some of the questions that were thrown at him. He never really “claimed” Joseline as his woman but that is a sure of a sign as any that they’re involved.

The producers put together clips of all his rat faces and I loved every minute of it. Sue me, but I like Stevie J. He has his faults just like the rest of us, but he’s fun to watch. Remember, this is only entertainment.

I expected a little more from Rasheeda. I was hoping that she would have been able to give a little more insight in regards to her opinion of K. Michelle’s domestic violence allegations. Her response turned into a verbal fighting match with K. Michelle and it was just…IDK…I cringed watching them go back and forth.

Kirk seemed happy to be able to publicly acknowledge their marriage after hiding it from everyone for years. One of my Twitter followers said he was on stage “lookin’ like an oil change,” I cried laughing!

While the topic is still fresh, K. Michelle didn’t do much talking but she did a lot of name calling. She just fell off more and more each episode to me. I love her mix tape and can relate to her music, but she just seemed immature throughout the season and especially during the reunion.

All she did was call the women (particularly Rasheeda and Karlie) names and I don’t know, it was really high school.

Karlie was…forgettable. I mean, I loved her sparkly red dress and she didn’t get too out of control but that’s really all I can remember. She gave Benzino a wack t-shirt about him being polygamous but other than that, her sparkle was a little dim.

She did avoid questions about her age, which I don’t understand. She should be proud of how she looks and the platform she’s been given. So what if she’s 50 or however old, she still looks good.

Mimi was her usual angry self. No shade though because I like Mimi. I just wish she would’ve been a little less defensive as and when she addressed her relationship with Stevie J and how she felt seeing the clips. One thing I didn’t do during the season was judge her. I applaud her bravery for puttin’ it all out there for the world to see because the next Mimi may be closer to home than some of you all think.

Scrappy was finally a man and somewhat made right of his wrongdoings throughout the season. He apologized to Shay aka Buckeey for leading her on and he proposed to his longtime love and the mother of his daughter, Erica. His proposal will go down in history as the most blatant proposal ever. He asked Erica, “is you gone marry a n*gga.”

It was nice of him to apologize to Shay, most women don’t get that so in the midst of her sadness and anger, she should have taken it like a G and saw it as her karma. Ya’ll know I’m serious about karma. She knew that Scrappy was still involved with Erica and it is not secret that the sidelines hardly ever win. Some win, but most don’t.

Erica got the ring that she said she was going to get. There’s really not much to report on here…congrats on the engagement! Her makeup was very vampire-ish…I loved it. She should take advantage of this reality TV fame and get into modeling or something. She is beautiful.

Lastly, Buckeey. All I’m going to say is what was she thinking when she placed that wig on her head? Somebody please tell me!

I think Scrappy was more in love with her body than anything (clearly it wasn’t her face) and women have to realize that if all you have to offer a man is your body, you’ll lose every time.

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