Love & Hip Hop ATL :: Momma Dee, Stevie J & All The Drama

Ya’ll…Love & Hip Hop ATL is going to be a treat! I know I said I’m done with VH1 earlier this week, but I may have to make an exception for this show.

I had an opportunity to catch the full episode and all I can do is SMH. There was so much going on in this premiere episode that I don’t even know where to start. 

Some are saying that the show is highly scripted – I don’t doubt that, but I do believe a lot of it is whats really going on in their lives. This first episode focused a lot on MiMi Faust (pictured above) and her relationship of 15 years with Stevie J, a successful music producer. The couple have a two-year-old daughter together…I found it strange that they had been together so long and have a child, but aren’t engaged or married. Guess that’s the route people are taking these days (I’ll come back to that on another day).

Anyway, MiMi and Stevie J’s relationship is not what you would call “love.” He’s sleeping with and basically has a whole ‘nother relationship with his “artist” Joseline Hernandez. *rolls eyes*

Let me get on her for a minute. I DO NOT…I repeat DO NOT like homewreckers! So what if the man is unhappy? Wait ’til his unhappy ass leaves the relationship before you get involved with him because more than likely, he has a reason for staying…it ain’t just because of the kids.

Joseline the Homewrecker…gross

In her interview, Joseline (who only has 789 followers on Twitter but is supposed to be such a superstar *rolls eyes again*) talks so much trash about how she was holding Stevie J down and calling him Daddy in the studio among other nonsense, but as and when she was confronted about it, all of a sudden there was no proof she had been with him.

I seriously cannot take this chick.

I feel for MiMi because I understand how it feels to “hate that you love someone” and no matter what happens, the love you have for them prevails. She kind of reminds me of Tami Roman by the way she looks…you know that strong facial structure.

Oh and aside from watching how things play out with Mimi and Stevie J, I think Momma Dee has Frankie and Momma Jones beat by a long shot! She’s a former pimp and drug dealer. OMG! She’s fun to watch though and is so far, my favorite cast member. *shrugs*

There were other mentionable scenes, but I’ll let you watch them for yourself. Click here for a link to the full episode.

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