Local Artist Trey Parker Drops New Video

I ran across this video on Facebook last night and the producer in me was really impressed by the quality of production in the video. It was well thought out, methodically crafted, and just a great video.

I was even more impressed as and when I found out it was done by an independent local producer and director.

The actual song, “That’s My Baby” by Trey Parker feat. Che’tay is featured on his mixtape WaveGrease and one of the best songs I’ve heard in a minute.

The video was created by Chris Clark and Azod Abedikichi and produced by Swahzay. The video is simple and sweet just like the song.

Trey Parker has been on my radar since I heard him crooning on Slimm Pusha‘s soulful cut “Lady Friend”. If you go rummaging throughout Jackson, we do have talent. Support local artists, producers, entrepreneurs and of course bloggers!

Check out the video below:

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