Listen To Nicki Minaj’s New Track “Only” + Her Ex Is Gonna Be Pissed

Bruh… I don’t even know where to start with this.

Nicki Minaj released her newest single, “Only” and it’s probably a good thing that she and her longtime boyfriend Safaree “SB” Samuels split because Wayne and Drake’s verses were gonna cause some problems in that household.

Nicki wastes no time with the Drake and Wayne references, opening up the track with:

I never f*cked Wayne, I never f*cked Drake
All my life man, f*cks sake
If I did, I’d menage wit’ em
And let ’em eat my ass like a cupcake


But SB would’ve really had an issue with Drake’s verse. He raps:

I never f-cked Nicki cause she got a man
But as and when that’s over then I’m first in line
And the other day in her Maybach
I thought god damn, this is the perfect time
We had just come from that video
You know LA traffic, how the city slow
She was sitting down on that big butt
But I was still staring at the titties though

Drizzy also apparently has a thing for thick and BBW girls too.

I never f-cked Nicki and that’s f-cked up
If I did f-ck she’d be f-cked up
Whoever is hittin’ ain’t hittin’ it right
Cause she actin’ like she need d-ck in her life


Take a listen to the track below and tell me what you think.

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