Lil Scrappy Finally Got The Chance To Put His “Paws” On Stevie J

The moment so many people were waiting for finally came to life on last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Atlanta rapper, Lil’ Scrappy, confronted Stevie J for calling fellow cast member and mother of his daugther, Erica, a b*tch.

The highly anticipated fourth episode opened with MiMi, K. Michelle and Ariane discussing Joseline’s pregnancy and how she revealed it all to MiMi.

The conversation was very heartfelt, but I think Arianne really should mind her business. She pushes the Stevie J issue way too much and tries to force MiMi to make a decision. I understand her wanting to be a good friend, but she needs to back off just a little and let MiMi handle her own business.

Mimi did allude to being done with Stevie because of all she has gone through saying, “when you’ve had enough of a situation, you’ve had enough. And only me knows as and when I’ve had enough.”

K. Michelle shares her advice…good advice at that. I’ve had that pow wow moment with my girls when we’ve all been in tears and you definitely can appreciate the real advice instead of someone pushing you to make a decision.

I love Momma Dee, but her protection of Scrappy is a bit…weird for me. She’s overbearing and almost acts as if she is the best woman for him. Of course as his mother she has his best interest at heart, but she needs to cut that umbilical cord!

I didn’t say this, but someone out there in the Twitter world said that Scrappy was using Erica until he got the check from VH1. LOL! No seriously, one of the first thing he mentions is being able to have chicks over…isn’t that what he just told Erica he wasn’t going to do? Then he goes on to say that he really can’t see them together.

Wait. I could have sworn he just reassured her that they were going to work things out. What is with guys not being straight up from the jump? I don’t get it, I swear. But anyway, Scrappy basically chose Buckey,  (from Flava of Love..yep, she’s back for 15 more minutes of fame) over Erica. And of course Shay (Buckey) didn’t want him to stick up for Erica. Buckey is one of the reasons he wanted his own place. No doubt about it.

It’s amazing how when the show turned to Erica, her perception of their relationship was totally different from his. I agree with her mother, living separately was a step backward…especially if you’re trying to work on things. Whether its “right” or wrong, you were doing it anyway. Erica is way too pretty and loyal to be wasting her time. *note to self*

*rolls eyes*

Regardless of their relationship status, Scrappy did stand up for Erica when the time came to “check him,” as Momma Dee put it.

Stevie began by apologizing to Erica and Scrappy kind of stepped in and let Stevie now how disrespectful he was. It seemed like the discussion was going to go in a non-violent direction to Joseline stepped in. I guess that solidified her as Stevie’s woman…right?

It kind of looked like Stevie rushed Scrappy and then it turned into a bear-hugging match. I think I saw one of Scrappy’s “paws.” Click the link below to watch and you be the judge!

To watch the full episode, click here.

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